Jewish Parenting Podcasts


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The Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) produces a biweekly podcast for Jewish parents delivered by noted experts in education, counseling, child development and other related fields. The short 2-7 minute segments about Jewish parenting can be downloaded and listened to on the go, played while sitting at the computer and multitasking or used as a basis for a parenting discussion group. The podcast segments are archived and classified by topic and speaker for easy retrieval.


The URJ blog carries follow-up discussions and resources on many of the podcast segments.


There is also a very useful resource page on how to turn the Parenting Podcasts into a Communal Jewish Parenting Discussion Group!


Among some of the topics covered on the podcast:

  • Challenge Success: What's in an A? - Learn about what students do to achieve at school and what it does to their bodies, minds and spirits. - Dr. Denise Pope and Rabbi Patricia Karlin-Neumann
  • Mentors and Space to Grow - Deborah Meyer and Rabbi Daniel Brenner
  • Mistakes Good Parents Make - Dr. Edward Hallowell
  • The Gift of Grandparents - Sharon Morton
  • Speaking Spiritually - In this three-part conversation, Rabbi Sandy Eisenberg Sasso teaches us about techniques, challenges and rewards of keeping the conversation about God open with our children.
Updated: Nov. 02, 2011