Shalem Center Launches Peer Collaboration and Enrichment Program for Israel’s most Innovative and Influential Educators


Source: Shalem Center


Thirteen directors of Israeli pre-army preparatory academies have been meeting on a weekly basis at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem as part of the B’nei Moshe, a year-long leadership initiative designed especially for the country’s most innovative and influential educators. Through lectures by Shalem scholars, readings of select Shalem Press books, and facilitated discussions of topics related to the academies’ curricula, B’nei Moshe offers the dynamic, energetic group—teachers, mentors, spiritual leaders, and life coaches to hundreds of students and alumni—a unique and much-needed opportunity for enrichment and collaboration, the only one of its kind in in the country.

Shalem’s ideas-based approach to the study of Zionism, Judaism, philosophy, and the modern Middle East, enables them to place their knowledge of these subjects into a broader, richer context, as well as to identify the roots of the urgent challenges facing Israeli society today. Equally important, B’nei Moshe addresses these academy leaders’ deeply felt need for a community of their peers, with whom they can exchange insight and experience vital to their own professional development.

Updated: Nov. 29, 2011