Got Gelt? A Conversation about Giving in this Season of Receiving


Source: Got Gelt?


"Got Gelt? A Conversation about Giving in this Season of Receiving" will help students think about and articulate how they decide where to give tzedakah. Using an interactive game, debate, and Jewish text, this lesson highlights the complexity of allocating tzedakah and the necessity of making difficult decisions among competing priorities. Got Gelt? also includes an at-home component that enables students to apply their learning to actual giving as they and their families designate a night of Hanukkah to give tzedakah.


Babaganewz is working in collaboration with American Jewish World Service to bring you an exciting new educational initiative called “Where Do You Give? Reimagining Tzedakah for the 21st Century.” Through a national design competition, online interactive media, and educational resources, "Where Do You Give?" will engage your students in critical questions about where we give tzedakah, to whom we give, and why.


The Got Gelt?"Chanukah lesson plan is the first phase of the Where Do You Give? project, created in collaboration with AJWS and Babaganewz. Got Gelt? is an interactive, educational experience for students and their families to:

  • Inspire exploration of their tzedakah priorities.
  • Encourage creative reimagining of tzedakah through a multimedia conversation including video, blogs, and other social media.
  • Connect students’ learning to their families’ celebration of Hanukkah through a take-home guide for dedicating one night of the holiday to giving tzedakah.
Updated: Dec. 07, 2011