Hands-on Experience through Location-Based Learning on Mobile Platforms (Smartphones & Tablets) – A MOFET Webinar with Shani Ziv & David Lachmish

February 29, 2012

Source: MOFET ITEC Webinars


In this free webinar, to be held on Wednesday February 29, 2012 at 19:00 – 20:30 - Israel time, you will get a glimpse into the developing world of using mobile devices for educational use. It aspires to create a learning experience that will go beyond a computerized lecture and discussion. If you are successful, you will go out (or send somebody) to examine your newly created experimental learning object using your mobile platform.


Workshop outline:

  • Creating a location-based learning object using the wandering platform – 15 min.
  • Overview of the main terms of location-based learning – 20 min.
    - the potential and characteristics of mobile platforms
    - web-based application.
  • Practicing the newly acquired knowledge by creating an additional learning object – 15 min.
  •  Example of educational implementation – 9th grade – 15 min. (using chrome to translate)
  • How to do it yourself


Shani Ziv is an instructional designer with a constructionist outlook on life. He has studied history, sociology, Latin American studies (M.A.), and social networks. Mr. Ziv is currently specializing in the technological aspects of learning, social learning environments, simulated and embedded training, and location-based learning.

Mr. Ziv especially enjoys working outdoors, which has influenced his great interest in mobile communication. He developed and managed a long-term leadership development process for the Israeli public service and is part of an idiosyncratic project.

David Lachmish is an instructional designer with a constructionist outlook on life. He has studied law, mathematics, and philosophy. He specializes in implementing learning processes in software and structuralized processes. Mr. Lachmish creates wizards for instructional design, spends most of his time in decadent urban environments, and enjoys urban life.

To further develop the topics discussed in this webinar, you are invited to join our online course: Location Based Learning: An Experimental Learning Method Mediated by Mobile Platforms.

Updated: Feb. 08, 2012