Planning for the Unexpected: Maximizing the Potential of Holocaust Educational Travel

Winter, 2011

Source: HaYidion Winter, 2011 


Preparing his students emotionally and educationally for this journey to Holocaust sites in Poland provided Jason Feld with an opportunity to design a multi-disciplinary Holocaust education
program that seriously addressed the students’ concerns and provided them with a renewed sense of engagement with this chapter of our history. The curriculum that resulted incorporated classroom learning, field study and intensive experiential education.


The resulting curriculum was designed to achieve four educational objectives for the program:

"The first was to expose the students to the diversity and vitality of pre-war Jewish life. Secondly, I wanted my learners to gain a personal appreciation for how victims attempted to sustain their humanity and Jewish identity under difficult circumstances. Additionally, I wanted them to appreciate the long and arduous process many survivors went through to rebuild Jewish life after the war. Lastly, I wanted them to continue to process how the Holocaust and its aftermath have
influenced their own Jewish idetity as they move toward graduation and adulthood."


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Updated: May. 13, 2012