Finland Adopts Israeli Education Method

April 17, 2012

Source: YNET 


In spite of its successes in the field of education, Finland has chosen to adopt an educational system conceived in Israel. The program, conceived and developed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein, focuses on imparting cognitive and learning abilities and has already been implemented in hundreds of schools and education and training institutions in Israel and in 40 countries including the US, Holland, France, Brazil and Indonesia.


At its basis, the program focuses on adaptation to individual groups – like students and soldiers from Ethiopian backgrounds, therapy and rehabilitation for people with head injuries as well as gifted and outstanding students or students with Down syndrome and even the elderly.


Feuerstein applied systems have already been in use in Finland's special education system for over 20 years in treating autism and learning disabilities. In recent years the system has been put to use in preparing the unemployed for the workforce.


Now, in light of its success, Finland's education authorities have decided to implement the system at the nursery and grade school levels.


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Updated: Jun. 14, 2012