Project-based Learning in the Supplementary School—Yes, You CAN!


Source: Behrman House


This fall Behrman House will publish a series of essays on Project Based Learning. Their Editorial Staff members will write about ways to introduce this dynamic approach to learning into your own school, and will provide an array of resources to get you started. Topics will include an overview of project-based learning, where to find resources for your classroom, and how to teach Jewish values and even Hebrew using a project approach.


Here is what has been published so far:

  • A Rationale for Using Project Based Learning in the Jewish Classroom
    by Rabbi Mark H. Levine - September 11, 2012
  • Discovering PBL Resources for the Jewish Classroom
    by Aviva Werner - September 12, 2012
  • Jump Right In: Teaching Jewish Values via Project Based Learning
    by Dena Neusner - September 20, 2012


Coming soon: Using Technology and PBL, PBL and the Hebrew Curriculum


Free PBL Lesson Plan


The first project based learning lesson plan from Babaganewz is now available FREE in the Behrman House Resource Libraries. This lesson focuses on the Jewish concept of free will and challenges students to determine if it is ethical to install anti-drunk driving technology in cars. Students, working in groups as ethical consultants to an automotive company, will study sources related to free will and answer questions about the sources as they go along. Students will then present their findings to automotive company executives.


This 28-page lesson in PDF format includes all the sources and worksheets you’ll need to facilitate the project in your class, as well as direction and helpful hints for teachers new to PBL. The unit is designed to take between 4 and 6 class sessions.


To find the lesson plan, search "PBL" in the Resource Libraries.

Updated: Oct. 14, 2012