Ask Herzl - An Online Community for Israel Activists to Share Programs and Strategies


Source: Ask Herzl 


Ask Herzl, a project of the Israel on Campus Coalition, is a central hub for ready-to-run Israel programming, a venue to share best practices in the form of How-To Guides, and a place to search for the right speakers for Israel events. It also connects students and professionals around the country who are working on similar initiatives and facing similar challenges to collaborate and share ideas and best practices. Users will be able to submit resources for the Israel community to see, share, critique, and “like.”


Ask Herzl includes descriptions, documentation, time and cost estimates and virtually anything else a campus group might need to implement a pro-Israel program or event (many of which have already been proven out on other campuses). Many programs on Ask Herzl are linked to how-to's, to not only offer programming alternatives, but to help develop strategic initiatives that address specific goals and challenges on campus.


Why Should Israel Activists Participate in the Ask Herzl Online Community?
  • Don’t Reinvent The Wheel: Each year students and professionals are forced to reinvent the wheel. The best programs and advocacy strategies are often lost because student leaders and professional mentors leave without preserving or sharing that knowledge with others. Ask Herzl seeks to offer you a world of programs and strategies to support Israel on campus and in your communities. With Ask Herzl we can store and preserve that knowledge and programming.
  • Pay It Forward: Share your programs, knowledge, and expertise by submitting programs and How-To guides so that a new generation of Israel advocates can follow in your footsteps.
  • Connect with the Network: Connect with others just like you to find the right contacts in the Israel network to.
Updated: Nov. 04, 2012