ORT International Seminar for Digital Technology in Jewish Education Held in Mexico

November 8, 2012

Source: World ORT


A recently held four day Naomi Prawer Kadar International Seminar for Digital Technology in Jewish Education attracted 25 Jewish Studies teachers to CIM-ORT, Mexico’s first World ORT-affiliated school. The seminar brought experts Eitan Steinfeld and Benyamin Yogev from Israel to lead teachers from CIM-ORT, and other Jewish schools in Mexico City, El Salvador and Ecuador in an exploration of how the Teaching for Understanding framework can be used to teach Jewish festivals and commemorations creatively.


Teaching for Understanding is an educational pedagogy developed initially by faculty members at the Harvard Graduate School of Education – but since adapted by educators around the world – that has four pillars for its framework: what topics are worth understanding, what about these topics needs to be understood, how we can foster understanding, and, how we can tell what students understand.


The Naomi Prawer Kadar seminars aim to help Jewish educators to integrate modern ICT methods into their teaching and at CIM-ORT the upgrading of technological skills was a primary objective.


A website created especially for the seminar using Moodle software remains active to serve the teachers as a meeting point so that they can continue to share and consult with each other; during the seminar it was used to present the teachers with tasks from research to creating programs and designing presentations.


Read more about the seminar at the World Ort website.

Updated: Nov. 27, 2012