Conversations: Tanakh Study Within The Orthodox Jewish World

Winter, 2013

Source: Conversations: The Journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals


The winter issue of "Conversations",  the Journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals, focuses on Tanakh study within the Orthodox Jewish world. How is Tanakh studied and taught? What is the relationship between traditional Yeshiva approaches and academic approaches? What can we learn from non-Orthodox sources? What new ideas can we bring to the study and teaching of Tanakh? The Institute offers teachers in Jewish Day Schools and Yeshivot a free copy of this issue until December 31, 2012 by writing to:

Rabbi Hayyim Angel is Guest Editor of this issue, and he has brought together articles by an outstanding group of Tanakh experts listed below. The issue should be ready for distribution in early January.

Table of Contents - Conversations, Issue 15


  • Religious Tanakh Study in the Twenty-First Century: Opportunities and Challenges - Hayyim Angel—Guest Editor

Part I: Religious Outlook toward Tanakh Study

  • Always Connect - Shalom Carmy
  • Orthodox Bible-Study: The Reality on the Ground - B. Barry Levy
  • On Interpreting Midrash - Moshe Shamah
  • Reading Abraham's Stories - Joel Wolowelsky
  • Non-Orthodox Wisdom in the Orthodox Study of Tanakh - Nathaniel Helfgot

Part II: Tanakh Education

  • Teaching Tanakh in the Twenty-First Century - Richard Hidary
  • Engaging Students with Torah Mi-Sinai: Creating Tanakh Curricula in Jewish High Schools - Beth Wiesenberg
  • Coaxing the Waters from the Rock: Tanakh Education in Yeshiva High Schools: The Real and the Ideal - Yitzchak Etshalom
  • Reading Tamar - Erica Brown
  • Teachers Talk about Introducing Academic Bible Study Methods in Their Classrooms - Shalom Berger
  • Teaching Biblical Archaeology at Yeshiva University - Jill Katz

Part III: Text Studies

  • The Tower of Babel: A Case Study in Combining Traditional and Academic Bible Methodologies - Hayyim Angel
  • Dis/Obedience to Military Orders - Moshe Sokolow
  • Ramban's Integrative Approach to Biblical Narrative - Michelle Levine
  • The Revolution of Terah and Avraham - Zvi Grumet
  • Searching for Holiness: The Song of the Sea in Tanakh and Tefillah - Rachel Friedman

Part IV: Alternative Models of Tanakh Study

  • Scripture Envisioned: The Bible through the Eyes of Rembrandt - Bryna Levy
  • Hasidic-Psychological Readings: Revelation and Korah - Yehoshua Engelman
  • Bibliodrama: A Form of Interpretative Play - Yael Unterman 
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