Advice from PEJE Leadership Line


Srouce: PEJE 


The PEJE Leadership Line is a free one-hour phone call with a PEJE coach who has broad and extensive expertise. To date, day school leaders have dialed in regarding topics from board development to head support/evaluation to student recruitment/retention. Callers have included heads of school, board chairs, and development and admission officers. In some cases, two or more leaders have participated--for example, a board chair plus a head of school or a support and evaluation committee. Leadership Line callers say they've appreciated the practical advice and the opportunity to bring a fresh, expert perspective back to their schools.


By using the Leadership Line, a range of day school leaders have received helpful, actionable advice on a variety of concerns and challenges. In a survey of Leadership Line participants, 100 percent of respondents reported that they were extremely satisfied with the recommendations or referrals they received, and 100 percent would recommend the resource to a colleague.


To arrange a call, please email the Leadership Line. A PEJE coach will reply and schedule your call.

Updated: Jan. 29, 2013