Kishuran – Online Hebrew Learning Material Database


Source: Kishuran Learning Material Database


Kishuran, a very popular repository of Hebrew online learning materials, has recently upgraded its user interface, making searching for learning materials much easier. The database, developed by the Israel Teachers Union Professional Advancement Fund, offers educators access to nearly 90,000 links to unaudited learning materials from the depths of the Internet. The materials were identified by skilled information experts, then indexed and cataloged, and presented to users in a user-friendly and convenient interface.


The new Kishuran has a powerful search engine which allows filtering of materials by subject, age-level, and format, making locating desired materials intuitively simple. The materials also contain detailed descriptions to help teachers assess their relevance. The site maintains user forums for discussing the materials in the database and for recommending additional materials for inclusion in the database.


The growing collection and professional indexing of the materials as well as the intuitive retrieval interface from the database make Kishuran very popular in the Israeli education community. The number of its users grows continually from month to month.

Updated: Feb. 12, 2013