Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies Announces Significant Tuition Grants to Masa Israel Journey Alumni


Source: MASA Israel


The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem recently announced a new initiative exclusively for Masa Israel Journey program alumni: significant tuition grants of up to 70% off for the 2013-2014 Year Program. These $4,000 Year Program tuition grants are available on a limited basis, and roughly parallel the amounts awarded by Masa Israel Journey to those eligible in order to help cover the cost of full-time study at Pardes.


The launch of this special grant comes as the result of identifying a growing interest among Masa program participants and alumni in finding a meaningful, serious, and open forum to explore questions about Jewish life, text and ritual, both during their respective programs and beyond. Over the last several years, Pardes has opened its doors to welcome other Masa programs for enrichment opportunities including learning sessions about Jewish holidays, Shabbatonim, and more.


In many cases, time spent volunteering, interning, and pursuing additional passions in Israel leads to a piqued interest in Jewish identity, Jewish community, and Jewish knowledge, and participants find themselves eager for a forum to explore these issues while further engaging with Israeli society.


The Pardes grants will allow Masa program participants of the last five years an opportunity to take their Jewish exploration and learning to the next level, while alleviating some of the financial concern that full-time study sometimes brings - particularly for those who have already used their funding from Masa.


For more information, visit the Pardes website.

Updated: Feb. 26, 2013