Virtual Education on the Move – a Model Online Graduate Course

May 28, 2013

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


Anna Hartman reflects on what made an online course, Introduction to Jewish Educational Leadership, which she took with HUC-JIR a meaningful learning experience. She sees this as what the best of online learning actually looks like.

Among the things which made this course meaningful for her:

  • Creating a learning community
  • Accommodation for diverse learning styles
  • Learners feel known and supported
  • Learning that meets the learner where she is (on the train or even in the hospital waiting room)
  • Learning that is purposeful

She concludes:

"This course now behind me, I have not only acquired new understandings to utilize in my work, but I have also borne witness to a model of excellent instruction. This explains why I find myself dissecting, discussing and applying the elements that made this course so effective.


In Avot D’Rabbi Natan we are taught that “A friend is someone with whom you study Torah.” As Facebook fans have discovered, friendships can flourish even from great distances. The task before us now is developing and realizing a vision for how technology can make the study of Torah equally vibrant among friends new and old. The pioneers in the field are showing us the way; how might we join them?"


Read her post in eJewish Philanthropy.

Updated: Jun. 04, 2013