J-Smarts – Multiple Intelligences and Technology


Source: J-Smarts


The J-Smarts website, currently under development, is organized according to Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, matching the attributes of each with Web 2.0 programs. A plethora of emerging web-based programs have been organized according to Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences, thus opening the door for educators to plan learning opportunities that play to the strength of the learner.

On J-Smarts each intelligence is defined and described

A list of programs is matched to each intelligence, and with a click, site-visitors can explore:

  • A description of the web-based program
  • Some sample projects, especially related to Jewish education (though adaptable to general studies, as well).

To get the most out of this site, click around! Some technologies and teaching ideas are listed in multiple places.

Updated: Aug. 20, 2013