JedcampNJNY Returns to Brooklyn

October 20, 2013

Srouce: Brooklyn JedcampNYNJ


It is a pleasure to announce the opening of registration for the return of the New York area Jedcamp, #JedcampNJNY to be held at the Magen David Yeshivah High School in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, October 20th, 9:00am-4:00pm. This event is open to all who are interested - day school teachers, high school teachers, Hebrew school teachers, all denominations, all subject areas, administrators, everyone. As long as you have a desire to share your thoughts and ideas about Jewish education or be shared with, this is the conference for you.


A group of 75 educators from the tri-state area gathered at Yavneh Academy in Paramus, NJ on Sunday, April 21, 2013 for the first annual JEdCamp in New Jersey. "JEDCamp" is short for Jewish education Camp, an innovative "unconference" where participants gather in a vendor free environment and "create" workshops and then lead them. There are no keynote speakers or pre-arranged sessions. People come in, sign in on a whiteboard with their session ideas, and then attend the workshops that interest them most.


There will be four session periods each day. The rule of the unconference is to “vote with your feet.” If a session doesn’t meet your needs, simply get up and move on to another one. If you would like to pop into more than one session per time slot, that’s another reason to make a move.


JEDcamp does not provide certificates for the professional development you receive. However, you will learn great teaching strategies, make new friends, and receive information that you can immediately apply in your classroom and professional life!


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Updated: Oct. 09, 2013