The Global Day of Jewish Learning

November 17, 2013

Source: Global Day of Jewish Learning


The Global Day of Jewish Learning brings the Jewish people together once a year to celebrate our shared Jewish text through community based learning. The guiding values of the Global Day of Jewish Learning are: fostering Jewish unity, empowering individuals through increased Jewish knowledge, and creating meaningful shared experiences. The fourth annual Global Day of Jewish Learning will be held on Sunday, Nov 17, 2013. The theme of the day and curriculum is Creating Together: Jewish Approaches to Creativity and Collaboration. The Global Day is a project of the Aleph Society and Rabbi Adin Steinzaltz.


Global Day provides ready-made lesson plans for adult, middle-school, elementary, and very young learners. Join Jews in six continents as we study Jewish texts relating to this year's theme: Creating Together, Jewish Approaches to Creativity and Collaboration. This is an incredible chance to create a meaningful experience for your learners - one which will be shared with Jews around the world.


Teach as part of the Global Day by organizing a learning session. Click here to register your Global Day event and download the curricula, marketing materials, and other resources - all free of charge.


And/or learn yourself! There are two great ways to participate in the learning on Sunday, November 17th:

  • Attend a Global Day event near you. Click here to view the 2013 Global Day map.
  • Tune in to 24x24- 24 hours of Jewish learning from 24 global locations broadcast live via YouTube. Speakers will include Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, Dara Horn, Hanan Harchol, Rabbi Elie Kaunfer, Rabbi David Levin-Kruss, Rabbi David Silber, Sara Wolkenfeld, and many more. To view the schedule and learn more click here.

The theme for the 4th Annual Global Day of Jewish Learning is Creating Together. We hope you’ll join us for “24×24”, a new kind of Global Day event happening on November 17.


24 talks over 24 hours will be broadcast LIVE via Google Hangouts and YouTube, featuring some of the most dynamic and vibrant voices in Jewish learning, including an hour with Rabbi Steinsaltz. Talks will be broadcast from current Global Day events, from individuals at home, from groups gathered in synagogues, even from several places at once! 24×24 is the Global Day’s very own Global Day event, with a community from all over the world meeting to learn together for a full day.

Updated: Oct. 20, 2013