Future Jewish Educators Share Insights and Experiences About Doctoral Programs


Source: Jim Joseph Foundation 


The Jim Joseph Foundation, which has awarded substantial grants to Stanford University and New York University to enable them to provide scholarships to doctoral students in their Education and Jewish Studies programs, publishes articles by some of the students describing their areas of research.


The doctoral students are engaged in rigorous academic study. In some instances, these young scholars already are making their mark as field leaders. Others will soon inspire and teach Jewish youth. Jim Joseph is pleased to share the pieces below from doctoral students at both universities. Their areas of research, accomplishments to date, and professional goals offer insight into the future of Jewish education.


"Games, Digital Media, and Jewish Learning: Building Bridges for Cultural Futures", Owen Gottlieb

"The Intersection of Jewish Education and History", Jonah Hassenfeld

"Understanding the Day School Student: What do THEY think about Torah?" Ziva R. Hassenfeld

"Examining a Friction Point in Jewish Life", Matt Williams.

Updated: Oct. 21, 2013