Weaving on Facebook: The Launch of LeV TaL AM

October 23, 2013

Source: AVI CHAI Blog


For TaL AM Hebrew and Heritage Curriculum, the newest something else has turned out to be our Facebook group, LeV TaL AM (L’mida B’chevruta- learning with partners). Currently, we have 284 educators in our group and we are able to reach them all with one post. The most frequent posters in the group are TaL AM teachers around the world sharing their work with each other. The sharing is now happening directly from one teacher to her colleagues through our Facebook group which speeds up the process and gets many more people involved. There is networking, sharing and discussion on the TaL AM Facebook group.


The recent TaL AM Institutes in New Jersey and Jerusalem became posts on our Facebook group as teachers uploaded pictures of their sessions, workshop leaders and of materials they learned about at the Institutes. We were excited to see that a connection was being made between the live experience and the online experience. Our goal is for these posts to be the beginning of conversations which will continue the learning throughout the school year. We hope the Facebook group will be a place TaL AM teachers will turn for suggestions, answers to questions or to discuss a specific success or challenge with their colleagues.


We are looking forward to beginning the coming school year with LeV TaL AM as a part of the way we work with teachers around the world and hope it will continue to enrich and enhance our work.


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Updated: Oct. 30, 2013