Shalom Hartman Institute and Hebrew College Announce Hevruta Gap-Year Program


Source: Hevruta Gap-Year Program


The Shalom Hartman Institute and Hebrew College announced the establishment of Hevruta, a unique gap-year program in Israel for 20 North American and 20 Israeli high school graduates designed to build a new generation of leadership built on a new narrative of Israel-World Jewry relations, commencing in September, 2014. A fully integrated and balanced gap-year program, Hevruta will provide student leaders from a range of Jewish backgrounds and perspectives with an unparalleled pluralistic learning opportunity in an exciting and dynamic environment. The program will address both Israel and North America as compelling centers of contemporary Jewish life, leadership, and discovery.


Over the course of their 10-month experience, Hevruta participants will engage in rigorous intellectual pursuit and text study, while taking advantage of Jerusalem’s rich academic, cultural, and spiritual resources. A three-week North American component will enable participants to explore Jewish identity in a global context, with the goal of deepening the exchange across the diverse cohort of participants.


The core of Hevruta will be rigorous learning guided by the unparalleled Shalom Hartman Institute and Hebrew College faculty. The core curriculum will focus on study of North American and Israeli Jewish life today as it is lived and experienced in all of its complexities and challenges. Participants will explore texts and ideas that illuminate both Israel and North America as centers of contemporary Jewish life. Productive community service activities, as well as cultural activities, trips, and encounters with leading Israeli artists, activists and leaders will complement the academic studies.


Applications will be accepted until April 1, 2014.
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Updated: Jan. 29, 2014