Make Your Class a Test Site for jLearningLabs and Help Change Jewish Education


Source: jLearninglabs Testing


Are you an intrepid educator, comfortable experimenting with new materials and ideas? An ‘early adopter’ who is always looking for new tools to try? Are you looking for different approaches to student learning about history, Jewish practice, Hebrew, or Bible? You may enjoy becoming a tester for jLearningLabs, a new organization that jumpstarts new ideas in Jewish education.

Try out new materials and techniques with your students, then review them and suggest the changes YOU think they need to work better for YOUR learning community. The jLearningLabs team will use your feedback to adjust, adapt, and update. You’ll be part of the leading edge in creating new models of Jewish education right in your own community.

We have several ideas under development and more coming. You can try out The Amazing Torah Tablet right now, and review an interactive Shabbat exploration, an alef bet primer, and a history project soon. You can see them here. The jLearningLabs team would love to work with you and your students.


Do you know a high school or college student with a knack for coding who might be interested in Jewish gaming and would benefit from some extra experience? We’re also seeking to expand the jLearningLabs team through internships for students with digital development skills. Students will get in on the ground level, working under the supervision of professional developers on project ideas to bring them up to prototype level as demonstrations for potential project funders. Applications for development internships are here

Updated: Jan. 29, 2014