Pilot Program Offering Discounts for Jewish Camps

February 10, 2014

Source: JTA 


The Foundation for Jewish Camp is piloting a new program this summer offering some first-time campers discounts of 40 to 80 percent below the standard rate. Called BunkConnect, the program will make available 1,100 discounted slots at 35 camps in the Northeast, New England and Mid-Atlantic regions, the foundation announced Monday.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Jewish Philanthropy is partnering in the program, which the foundation hopes to expand in the future to Jewish families and camps throughout North America.

The discounts will be offered to children from middle- and lower-income families, with eligibility determined based on household income, number of dependents and other factors.

Only children who have not attended the camp are eligible. If they return in future years, they will have to pay the full price or apply for financial aid.

Meanwhile, participating camps are offering discounted slots for sessions or cohorts that might not fill otherwise.

The program’s process is simple. After income-eligible families of all Jewish backgrounds supply some basic, confidential information into the new online tool, BunkConnect matches them with available camp sessions at low introductory rates. This initiative is modeled after the success of FJC’s One Happy Camper program a need-blind grant initiative for first-time campers.

Updated: Feb. 19, 2014