Exploring Art, Revealing Torah

March 19, 2014

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


LooktoLearn integrates Jewish text, themes and values with British National Curriculum subject through the exploration of art and objects. Founded in 2009 by experienced teacher and museum educator, Nic Abery, whose strong belief in integrated education has inspired the development of this innovative learning platform. What this means is that places like the British Museum, the National Gallery and the Natural History Museum are Abery’s “classrooms,” giving Jewish students a chance to connect with their heritage in a new way.


For example Avery recently helped plan a 9th grade trip that brought 60 students to the Natural History Museum as part of a lesson on creation and evolution that was run jointly by the science and Jewish faculties.


LooktoLearn has run 15 different sessions on ancient Egypt in connection with Passover. Part of this lesson includes standing in front of a case of mummies as a way to better understand our patriarchs Jacob and Joseph. “The whole idea of the Pesach story is we are supposed to feel as if we, ourselves, left Egypt. Aside from slavery, part of this is understanding the civilization and lifestyle in which the Jews lived,” said Abery.


Today, LooktoLearn works with 20 Jewish day schools in London and its provinces, from pluralistic to modern Orthodox.


Beyond museum tours that Abery also runs for Sunday schools and family and adult education, her organization’s scope includes teacher training, curriculum, and educational consultancy, such as running special projects and enrichment programs for schools.


She also has her sights set on an international market, hoping to expand to other parts of Europe and to South Africa for starters.


“LooktoLearn’s tagline is ‘Exploring Art, Revealing Torah,” which really sums up this experience.


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Updated: May. 07, 2014