Operation Protective Edge: Recite Me Your Verse


Source: Project TABS (Torah And Biblical Scholarship)


During these difficult times for Israel and the Jewish people, it is hard to say nothing, but even harder to know what to say. The Torah has 70 faces, many perspectives. Particular verses of the Bible may not be able to answer questions but they can offer comfort, solace and a place for personal reflection for those who turn to it in times of need.


For this reason, TABS has asked a number of rabbis, scholars, and Jewish leaders what verse they might turn to when dealing with the current crisis. In doing this, we were inspired by the practice recorded in Chazal of asking a child or looking in a book for a verse at times of trouble. At such times, the sage would say to the student, “psok li psukeich” – “tell me your verse,” i.e. the verse they were studying at the time.


We have inverted this requested on TheTorah.com and are asking our sages: “What verse might you use when contemplating the situation in Israel today?” Here are the answers we received, some with comments and some with only the verse.

Updated: Jul. 31, 2014