Ivrit Plus


Source: JETS 


Many schools have a limited number of advanced Hebrew language students – whether English speaking students with an excellent facility in Hebrew or Israeli students – whose needs are not met in the regular Hebrew class. JETS has developed a solution to this challenge. "Ivrit Plus" is a new blended learning Hebrew language program that utilizes online learning tools to engage advanced learners with authentic Hebrew. The program is geared toward advanced students in grades 6-8, and provides 3 lessons per week.


The special features of the Ivrit Plus program include the following:

  • The JETS designed LMS (Learning Management System) can be accessed by students at their convenience – e.g. during their scheduled Ivrit class, during free periods in their school schedule, or at home.
  • Ivrit Plus utilizes a variety of written, audio, and visual tools to develop proficiency in all four modes of communication - speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills.
  • The JETS LMS enables students to interact with students from other schools and/or in their schools that are taking the course concurrently.
  • The Israeli-developed course encourages the students to encounter and utilize authentic Hebrew, and to gain an appreciation and understanding of contemporary Israeli life and culture.
  • Ivrit Plus utilizes high interest content to foster language development through the students' desire to find meaning and to express themselves on relevant issues.
  • The program systematically addresses the learning of skills and content incorporated in the 6-8 grade Hebrew language curriculum approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education.


Although asynchronous, student learning must be facilitated. There are two options for facilitation:

  • The learning can be facilitated and guided by a JETS teacher who monitors and provides feedback on student work, and meets students by skype at regular intervals and/or when needed to guide their learning and assess their progress.
  • The learning can be facilitated by a school staff member. In this case, JETS personnel will be available to consult with the school's facilitator to provide some guidance.


See the JETS website for more information.

Updated: Aug. 19, 2014