Preparing Jewish Educators: The Research We Have, the Research We Need

August, 2014

Source: Journal of Jewish Education, Volume 80, Issue 3, pages 229-255


This article discusses the research we have and the research we need in both general and Jewish teacher education. First, the author discusses three recent efforts to synthesize and assess existing research in teacher education and to identify needed research. Next, she reviews a handful of recent studies in Jewish teacher education, which illustrate various research genres and provide a taste of what more coordinated studies could generate in the way of usable knowledge. She concludes by proposing three programs of research on the education of Jewish educators.


The author concludes: "We know that teachers make a difference in the quality of Jewish education and we have some evidence that serious teacher preparation and induction make a difference in the quality of teaching and the retention of teachers in Jewish schools. We are just beginning to recognize Jewish teacher education, induction, and professional development as critical areas of research in Jewish education with necessary ties to the practice and study of teaching and learning in Jewish educational settings. To advance this research agenda in productive ways will require resources, coordination, and capacity building, and will benefit from opportunities to be in dialogue with the broader field of teacher education research."

Updated: Sep. 18, 2014