Ayeka Now Accepting Applications for its Soulful Education Certification Program

December 3, 2014

Source: eJewish Philanthropy


Ayeka has announced that it is now accepting applications for the next semester of its Soulful Education Certification program. Throughout the course, participants will learn the principles of Ayeka’s methodology of Soulful Education, and interactively practice implementing those principles as educators. Jewish knowledge will go from the mind to the heart to the soul, becoming more than just information – rather, a means for transformation.


Cohorts include educators, clergy, Jewish community professionals and lay leaders from every type of religious background who are seeking individual training in Ayeka’s unique Soulful Education approach. Whether you are representing an institution or representing yourself, Ayeka’s Certification program can help you deepen your approach to teaching traditional Jewish wisdom.


Included in the training are:

  • Access to all Ayeka curriculum modules
  • Small cohorts, enabling participants safe space for learning and exploration
  • Practicums offered in small groups of 5-6; learning by doing, with peer group review
  • Certification as an Ayeka Soulful Educator upon completion of the 10-week training period
  • Private 30-minute consultation with Rabbi Aryeh Ben David mid-way through the training

Ayeka has successfully trained hundreds of educators, across all denominations, in the Ayeka methodology.


Application deadline is Jan. 1, 2015. For more information, go to the Ayeka website.

Ayeka affirms that the goal of learning Jewish wisdom is not solely to become a more knowledgeable or smarter person. The larger goal of learning Jewish wisdom is to affect and change us, to enable us to become better people, more living in the Image of G-d. To do this, we need opportunities to acquire Jewish knowledge so that in addition to our minds, it enters our hearts and everyday lives. We need to imbue a deep love of Judaism and an understanding of how the wisdom of Judaism can enrich everyday life and how it relates to and offers a deeper experience of our minutes, days, and years.

“Ayeka”, which means “Where are you?”, was created to provide this opportunity. The goal of an Ayeka session or series is to become fully aware of where we are regarding the topic at hand and then to take small but vital steps to move forward.

Updated: Dec. 17, 2014