Teaching Vocabulary in a Second Language – A MOFET International Webinar

September 1, 2015

Source: MOFET International


Today it is clear from research that vocabulary is the most important component of language knowledge. In addition, it has been shown that in second-language courses vocabulary cannot be acquired solely through incidental learning from reading or listening: it needs to be deliberately taught in the classroom. In this talk in Hebrew, on Tuesday, Septemeber 1, 2015 at 22:00 Israel time, Prof. Penny Ur will present a number of practical principles underlying effective vocabulary teaching, with some examples of classroom procedures based on them. These will cover both presentation of new items and further review with the aim of ensuring long-term retention.


Penny Ur was educated at the universities of Oxford (MA), Cambridge (PGCE) and Reading (MATEFL). She emigrated to Israel in 1967, where she still lives today. Penny Ur has thirty years' experience as an English teacher in primary and secondary schools in Israel.


Now retired, she has taught courses at BA and MA level at Oranim Academic College of Education and Haifa University, and has lectured extensively in language teachers’ conferences worldwide. She is interested in all aspects of language-teaching methodology, but in particular issues of vocabulary and grammar in language teaching, and language-learning activity design. She has published a number of articles, and was for ten years the editor of the Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers series.


Her books include Five Minute Activities (co‑authored with Andrew Wright) (1992), Grammar Practice Activities (2nd Edition) (2009), Vocabulary Activities (2012), A Course in English Language Teaching (2012), and Discussions and More (forthcoming) all published by Cambridge University Press.


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