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Source: Herzog College


Over the last forty years, Yeshivat Har Etzion and Herzog College have revolutionized the study of Tanakh. Their pioneering method utilizes critical tools to promote in-depth learning of pshuto shel mikra – the basic meaning of the text – while maintaining loyalty to the rich Jewish tradition of rabbinic literature and traditional commentary. Herzog College is pleased to announce the launching of the beta version of the Hatanakh.com website to enable access to the high level content, research, and experience that we have accumulated over forty years through groundbreaking technology, for an audience with varying backgrounds.

The Hatanakh.com website provides digital tools in both Ivrit and English to help you:

  • Understand the story in the broader context of the biblical text.
  • Navigate biblical and satellite maps to identify locations in the biblical narrative.
  • Discover a wealth of information through a sophisticated search engine that will lead you to a broad range of biblical references, articles, audio classes, and video posts.
  • Engage in a sea of ideas linked with every verse, chapter, and book in the Tanakh.
  • Create your own learning area with user friendly tools.

Among the activities available on the website:

  • Read Tanakh - There is no better starting point than the Tanakh text itself. Our Tanakh text can be read with or without nikkud and te'amim, enabling quick browsing options.
  • Understand the Story - Each chapter is accompanied by a timeline that provides a broader context for the chapter within the Tanakh, and links to characters, events, and maps that are related to the text.
  • Navigate - Locations on our maps are coded to reflect biblical eras, and include routes and satellite images, to facilitate a better understanding of the relationship between past and present.
  • Discover Information - Our site includes a sophisticated search engine that provides access to an index of terms, phrases, biblical characters, and modern synonyms to biblical phrases.
  • Engage - Commentary, articles, midrash, audio/video lessons, and lesson plans reveal a world of ideas on every biblical topic.
  • Create - Manage your learning and prepare your classes in your personal workspace, where you can save, edit, and share information.

Herzog College invites you to experience HaTanakh.com and provide your comments and feedback to help improve the site's user experience.

Updated: Jul. 30, 2015