My Mitzvah Project - Simple, Yet Powerful Tools to Help Execute Your Mitzvah Project


Source: Powering Philanthropy, LLC 


My Mitzvah Project provides an opportunity for b’nai mitzvah to engage in meaningful and authentic service experiences. Running a campaign on our platform offers a way youth can deepen their understanding of issues they care about, gain valuable experience in planning and preparation, learn how to take purposeful action, and increase self-awareness and confidence by reflecting on and celebrating their efforts. Service-learning best practices are infused into every aspect of creating and executing a campaign on My Mitzvah Project platform, ensuring that youth who participate become valued contributors for our collective well-being, now and in the future.


We support youth in planning and executing service & fundraising campaigns through comprehensive online resources, including:


Personalized Campaign Pages

Personalized campaign pages can be set up in minutes, and make it easy to turn ideas into impact! Features include:

  • Easy-to-use tools including descriptions, pictures & videos which help describe your campaign to potential supporters
  • Built-in social media sharing capabilities to help easily spread the word about your campaign
  • Event tool allows you to promote an event, sell tickets & track RSVP’s; proceeds contribute to your funding goal
  • Merchandise tool allows you to sell items such as t-shirts or bracelets to benefit your cause; proceeds contribute to your funding goal
  • Campaign Handbook includes all of the tools and tricks you need to run a successful campaign
  • Personalized support from the team at My Mitzvah Project keeps you motivated and helps you stay on track throughout your campaign


Project Mentors

Project Mentors will support campaign creators throughout the duration of their campaign. When a new campaign is submitted, Project Mentors will review the campaign webpage and make suggestions on how it can be improved so that it is more compelling and informative. Mentors will then work with the campaign creator to brainstorm campaign-specific promotional ideas, and guide them through My Mitzvah Project’s Campaign Handbook. Mentors will remain available throughout the campaign to answer questions and provide guidance on how to make sure each campaign effectively connects with potential supporters.

Updated: Jul. 30, 2015