'I'm Coming Clean' - An Experimental High Holiday Learning Format


Source: Jewish Education Center of Cleveland 


"I'm Coming Clean" is an experimental High Holiday learning format created by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland's Curriculum Department with the goal of creating a stronger bridge between Jewish educational programs and the homes of children in grades 4-7. Part of the website is specifically geared to children ("What's Hiding Under Your Bed?" and "Practice") and part of the site brings a big idea from the holiday season to parents ("For Parents").

With the decrease in learning time in our part-time Jewish educational settings from 3 days a week, to 2 days a week and often 1 day a week, holidays don't always get their "due." The hope is that children, along with their parents will jump in to learn outside of their program's learning time.

So what is this resource-rich website's the big idea? One Word: T'shuvah, which is the Hebrew word for "returning to the right path of behavior." The ideas put forth in the "What's under your bed?" activity should enhance the child's overall understanding of what it means for them to make amends and change their ways. We hope you take advantage of the opportunity for enriched conversations between you and your children about creating positive change in the new year. To help children (and perhaps you) feel more comfortable with the Hebrew of three key prayers of this holiday season, check out the "Practice" webpage, choosing the videos that are of most interest.

If this site proves itself helpful to students and parents during the High Holidays 2015, it will be revised and expanded in future years. Please take a few moments to offer feedback on the "About" webpage. Teachers - If you're thinking about using this as a complement to classroom learning we'd love to know how it works out! We wanted to give you a way to help children practice some key prayers that you might not have time for.

Please explore the JECC's two other experimental websites:

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Updated: Aug. 04, 2015


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