Nipagesh Social Network for Jewish Day Schools


Source: Nipagesh


Nipagesh (Let’s Meet in Hebrew) is an Israeli startup that offers a safe social & educational network for schools. Nipagesh is expanding to Jewish day schools in North America and around the world, looking to connect Jewish kids & schools in one place to strength their connection with the State of Israel and its schools and students.

By using Nipagesh at schools:

  • Students will use Hebrew & English to connect with each other and with their friends from Israel.
  • Teachers will conduct collaborative learning with other Jewish schools in the US and Israel.
  • Parents can be involved leading to a supportive and vibrant community at school.
  • Students will enjoy a safe and secure place that prepares them for real life and educates them to take personal responsibility online.

Nipagesh supports and guides teachers through:

  • Tech - Pedagogical Consultant
  • Online Walkthrough & Guidance
  • Intro Tasks & Real - time Support
  • Social & Educational Activities Resource Bank

Read more about the Nipagesh Social Network for Jewish Day Schools here

See a video demonstration of an online educational project on the Nipagesh Socil Network here.

Updated: Aug. 19, 2015