Ten Ways to Help Society on Your Holiday in Israel

August 11, 2015

Source: ISRAEL21c Corporation


Tikkun olam, the Jewish value of “repairing the world,” is a dynamic daily reality in Israel. If you’re planning a visit and want to see tikkun olam in action, the choices are plentiful. Tourists more and more are looking to experience Israel and not just see it. Outings that highlight values that are expressed in Israeli society and that include encounters with the people of Israel are the experiences that are most meaningful. This is what tourists will keep with them long after their trip is over.


Our 10 suggestions for social tourism offered here include a mix of tours and volunteer opportunities. For more information about ecotourism and voluntourism in Israel, click the links to ISRAEL21c’s past stories on these topics, or visit websites such as Ruach Tova (“Good Spirit”), Skilled Volunteers for IsraelDestination Israel and GoEco.

  • Commune with accessible nature
  • Assist the elderly
  • Serve the hungry
  • Put a smile on a disabled child’s face
  • Pack for the poor
  • Hike and help
  • Tour an internationally renowned youth village
  • Fill food baskets for terror victims

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Updated: Sep. 16, 2015