'Free Spirit' Opens Registration for Israel Outdoor Program for Youth with Difficulties


Source: Free Spirit 


Free Spirit is a therapeutic-educational program in Israel for leadership development and self-actualization, specifically geared toward international youth. The program is 8-10 weeks long and accepts youth who are experiencing personal, social, or behavioral difficulties, in various levels of risk, distress or crisis. The program is hosted at Kibbutz Hazorea, where participants are able to connect with its community life and benefit from its local community services. Registration is now open for two 8 week programs in April and June 2016 and a ten week program with high-school academic credits in October 2016.


The program consists of routine days at the Kibbutz including classes, field work and agriculture, specialized days of inspiration visiting inspiriting locations and individuals in Israel, and peak days of wilderness expeditions.

The Free Spirit program is based on diversity and we would love to consider your application. This said, an important criterion is your motivation. We are looking for individuals who want to join the program, are interested in the Israeli experience and are also willing to explore and work on their current difficulties. In addition, FreeSpirit consults with Alexander Muss High School in Israel to provide eligible students with the option of earning high school credits.


The Israeli component serves as a powerful connection to the land and to one’s identity. Helping others as well as knowing and strengthening one’s character are a few of the traditional values we emphasize. It is a unique opportunity to “jump start” and restart at a challenging point in life, in a new and exciting environment with an inherent sense of connection and belonging. The program is located in Israel and accepts up to 18 participants per session. The small groups create a family-feel and allow for great individual focus and personal attention. Each session consists of filled, challenging, and meaningful 8-10 weeks, including an educational and occupational curriculum, wilderness-survival expeditions, Outdoor Training (ODT), personal, and group sessions, and, of course, exceptional immersion in the diverse and rich landscape and culture of Israel.


FreeSpirit was established in memory of Sgt. Sean Carmeli, a Golani fighter who died in Operation Protective Edge in August 2014 in Gaza. Sean grew up in Texas and decided to come to Israel for his high school education at 16 years of age. Sean always lead by example and inspired others to live in the moment, caring and giving selflessly, and making the most out of life. Free Spirit is built on these values, with the support of Sean's family, who consider Free Spirit as the realization of his life and spirit.


For more information, visit the Free Spirit website

Updated: Jan. 06, 2016