HaYidion: RAVSAK's Journal of Jewish Education: Athletics

Winter, 2015

Source: HaYidion – Winter 2015


This issue - of Hayidion presents a wealth of guidance and examples for day schools to stay on top of their game. Articles discuss how schools ensure that athletics stay informed by a school's mission, by embodying Jewish values and embracing inclusivity; how they can use sports as a vehicle for teaching about and fostering love for Israel; how a wide range of sports can bring out the best in students and faculty; and how schools can more broadly employ movement and teach healthy living.


Among the articles in this issue are:

  • Sports Medicine and Athletic Training: Living Our Values, Expanding Our Mission - Mike Riley, Jessica Matula and Aileen Goldstein
  • Color War Isn't Just for Campers - Ayelet Margolin Lehtman
  • Israel Education Playbook - David Lasday
  • Creating an LGBT Inclusive School Athletic Program: From Intention to Action - Pat Griffin and Idit Klein
  • Sports Le-Shem Shamayim: The Sacred Mission of High School Athletics - Marc Baker and Pam Roecker
  • Interview with Emma Farber, Equestrian
  • From the Editor: Jewish Schools and Sports: Win-Win - Barbara Davis, Executive Editor
  • More Than a Game: JCC Maccabi and Athletic Endeavor - David Ackerman and Jonathan Fass
  • Creating an Athletics Handbook that Reflects School Values -Corrie Mizusawa
  • Physical Activity for Students with Special Needs - Jake Weiner
  • Including Sports in the Israel Trip - Josh Halickman
  • "In the League Together": Religious and Secular Children, Soccer and a Meeting of Identities - Yochai Sharon
  • More Than Just a Game - Aharoni Carmel
  • Having Faith in Sports - Miriam Heller Stern
  • A League Not of One's Own: Competing With Public Schools - Rob Cohen, Janet Herman and Josh Breitman
  • Ultimate Frisbee: Ultimately Fun, Ultimately Jewish - Benjamin Joffe, Judd Kruger Levingston
  • Meeting the Health and Fitness Needs of Day School Students - Phil Papier
  • Learning Perseverance Through Perspiration - Azaryah Cohen
Updated: Jan. 06, 2016