Peoplehood Toolkit 3.0 Now Available


Source: Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education 


The Center for Jewish Peoplehood Education, in collaboration with the UJA Federation of New York, announces the launch of Peoplehood Toolkit 3.0. The focus of version 3.0 is on concrete and practical tools for educators and community activists at large. These new additions will enable Jewish educational institutions and educators to integrate Peoplehood themes into the existing program and curriculum, and community activists to nurture collective Jewish responsibility in their communities; to teach and engage with Peoplehood, and in the process turn Peoplehood education from an abstract conceptual field to a practical and concrete discipline.

Among the online contents of Peoplehood Toolkit 3.0:

The Peoplehood Toolkit is a comprehensive resource for Jewish educators and communal leaders interested in questions of Jewish collective belonging, global community and mutual responsibility. You will find tools for dealing with WHY to teach about Jewish Peoplehood (the Overview, and Themes), HOW to do it well (the Overview and Practices) and WHAT to do (the Materials and Virtual Library). Check out How to use the Toolkit to get started.

Updated: Jan. 28, 2016