Conversations, Issue 24: Issues in Jewish Education

Winter, 2016

Source: Conversations


The central responsibility of each generation of Jews is to pass on the tradition to the next generations. How we transmit the ideas, ideals, and values of the Torah is of critical importance. In this issue of Conversations, explore topics relating to the education of the younger generations of Jews. The issue opens with articles by Rabbis Aharon Fried and Marc D. Angel dealing with how we transmit the tradition. This is followed by an article by Dr Bryna Jocheved Levy, who writes on the importance of Tanakh study. Jewish education entails not just technical information. but also the transmission of proper moral values. Articles by Dr. Dov Zakheim and Rabbi Havyim Angel deal with problems relating to religious extremism. We then have articles by Dr. Alan Zelenetz, Rabbi Ben Greenberg. and Rabbi Hyim Shafner on formulating the content of Jewish education in a sensible and meaningful way.


Rabbis Shu Eliovson and Binyamin Tanny present articles on "outreach", on how to deal with the phenomenon of alienation from religion. The issue continues with essays on some specific areas of concern. Neil J. Sheff writes about the Sephardic experience in Ashkenazic-run Day Schools; Dr. Howard Wettstein sheds light on Jewish life on campus, especially in light of anti-Israel attitudes that have become increasingly evident; Rebekah Thornhill writes on issues that confront Orthodox converts. We conclude with a thoughtful essay by Alex Behar, a recent graduate of Yeshiva College. He grapples with the dissonance that arises when modern Western values conflict with traditional Torah teachings.


Conversations is the journal of the Institute for Jewish Ideas and Ideals. The Institute fosters an intellectually vibrant, compassionate, and inclusive Orthodox Judaism.

Updated: Mar. 02, 2016