Yeshiva Lab School Principles of Pedagogy


Source: Yeshiva Lab School


I'm excited to share with you my first foray into the world of podcasting. The idea came about as part of our planning for teacher professional development at Yeshiva Lab School. Taking a page from the contemporary classroom, we decided to "flip" our teacher induction this year by providing our new faculty members with some of our basic on-boarding material in short video segments which they can watch on their own and then come together to discuss. As part of the Kohelet Foundation's mission in creating Yeshiva Lab School is to share our work and help advance the field of Jewish Education, we decided that rather than make our videos available only to our teachers, we'd share them with anyone else who might be interested as well.

This series, called YLS Principles of Pedagogy, looks at the 15 principles of teaching and learning that lie at the heart of everything we are doing at Yeshiva Lab School. Each episode examines one principle and shares examples of how it was put into practice this past year. To date, 7 of the 16 episodes (there is a quick review at the end!) are live and the others will go up over the next week. They are available both in video form via YouTube and as audio podcasts in the iTunes Store.


Rabbi Gil Perl is Head of School, Kohelet Yeshiva High School. Chief Academic Officer, Kohelet Foundation.

Located in the Philadelphia area, the Yeshiva Lab School is advancing the field of Jewish Education by utilizing only replicable, empirically supported, student-centered methods of pedagogy in a mission-based curriculum that maximizes learning for all students in both Judaic and General Studies.

Updated: Aug. 03, 2016