Mapping Jewish Education: The National Picture

Dec. 23, 2006

source: Mapping Jewish Education: The National Picture


The second of a series of studies by Brandeis University's Fisher-Bernstein Institute for Jewish Philanthropy and Leadership to research and map the field of education of Jewish youth in the United States. Based on interviews with executives in 16 national organizations concerned with Jewish youth education, the report describes momentum and issues in the field as well as emerging innovative trends.


The interviewed executives were asked four questions:
• What are your top accomplishments?
• What challenges are you currently facing?
• Where is your work heading in the next three to five years?
• How does your organization fit (or not) with the rest of the Jewish educational infrastructure?

The research team analyzed the data and organized it to create the report.

The team concluded that the Jewish education field is developing momentum as apparent from the following developments:
• New Leadership
• New Directions
• The Development of Grand Visions
• Accelerated Experimentation

The second section, “Funding Lessons", presents specific lessons from the foundations as regards their mission, role, and relationships with other entities.

The third section, “Issues,” lays out the programming, structural, and funding challenges that confront the field.

The final section, “Innovation Trends,” describes aspects of the field that have recently gained currency and are sources of energy and activity in the Jewish education world. These trends include:

• Early Childhood Education
• Alternative Education
• New Modes of Operating

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