NewCAJE Holds 7th Annual Conference

Aug. 06, 2016

Source: Jeducation World


Four hundred Jewish educators, clergy and performers from across North America gathered earlier this month for the 7th annual NewCAJE conference. There were over 240 sessions taught by attendees as well as featured presenters such as Yehezkel Landau and Joyce Schriebman who taught about The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and how to facilitate constructive conversations or Jennifer Zunikoff who empowered teachers with The Jewish Storytelling Classroom.

Additionally, over 40 performers participated including musicians like Sam Glaser, Doni Zasloff and Eric Lindberg, Naomi Less, and Rick Recht of Jewish Rock Radio.

NewCAJE promotes networking and professional development – both of which retain and recruit new educators into the field.

The conference is a microcosm of Jewish life in the United States – with Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstructionist, independent and cultural Jews all learning together in one of the most pluralistic environments in the United States. Jews of color and non-Jews who work in Jewish schools were also part of the mix of this diverse learning environment.

Updated: Sep. 08, 2016