Ten Jewish YouTube Channels for Teaching Judaic Studies

August 30, 2016

Source: The DigitalJlearning Network


We know searching for effective educational videos on YouTube can feel like looking for a needle in an incredibly overwhelming haystack. Add in the Jewish element and we could be talking about grains of sand in an ocean -- but don’t get discouraged! We’ve journeyed through the waves of YouTube for you and found that there are great videos for teaching Jewish history, tradition, life, and culture to a whole range of ages. Whether you’re ready to try out flipping the classroom this year, or just want to change up your lessons, both you and your students will benefit from these Jewish YouTube channels.

  • Aleph Beta
  • Hebrew Children's Songs
  • MyJewishLearning
  • myJLI
  • Rabbi Jonathan Sacks
  • San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
  • Shaboom!
  • Shalom Sesame
  • USC Shoah Foundation
  • Yad Vashem

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Updated: Oct. 26, 2016