The Darim Learning Network for Educators


Source: The Darim Learning Network for Educators


The Darim Learning Network for Educators is a new program for congregational and complementary educators who work with middle and high school students. It will be an online community of educators interested in improving their teaching by integrating educational technologies and new media into it while engaging in collaborative learning.

The Network is designed for individuals who are passionate about their work as Jewish educators, who are willing to take risks to integrate innovative 21st century learning skills, strategies, and technologies into their Jewish learning and teaching experiences, and who are excited about working collaboratively with other educators.

Participants are not required to be proficient in the use of these technologies, but they must be willing to experiment and reflect on their work within a community of like-minded educators. They must be willing and able to realistically allot sufficient time for participation (approximately 2-4 hours per month of professional learning in addition to project development).


What Does It Mean to be a Darim Online Learning Network Educator?

Members of the Darim Online Learning Network for Educators will develop their own projects to experiment with and integrate educational technologies in their work, reflect on the processes and outcomes for student learning, share best practices, and support each other in a community of practice. Darim will support the community through facilitated discussions, learning activities including guest experts and exposure to successful models in Jewish and non-Jewish educational settings, and through the development of an online resource center.

The program for the first cohort of up to 20 Jewish educators will commence August, 2008 (at CAJE for those able to attend) officially begin in September, 2008, and run through June, 2009.

Updated: Jun. 17, 2008