The Jewish Futures 2016 Conference

December 14, 2016

Source: The Jewish Education Project


In the 20th century, Jewish education focused on strengthening Jewish identity and ensuring Jewish continuity. That approach to Jewish education no longer works for today's learners. They want to know how Jewish teachings and practices can make their lives better and the world better. They want Jewish life to help them flourish as human beings, to help them be "happy" in the fullest Jewish sense of that term.

Drawing on insights of world-renowned behavioral psychologist, Dan Ariely, and bringing his findings into dialogue with Jewish teaching and practice, the 2016 Jewish Futures Conference (December 14, 2016 – Columbia University, NYC) will explore the elements of and conditions for human happiness and well-being, and how Jewish education can be redirected to answer the aspirations of 21st century learners.

The Jewish Futures 2016 Conference sponsored by The Jewish Education Project and the Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah will feature:

DAN ARIELY, world-renowned behavioral psychologist and James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University

RABBI ARYEH BEN DAVID, Founder & Director of Ayeka, Center for Soulful Education

RABBI SHIRA STUTMAN, Senior Rabbi at Sixth & I

ALIZA KLINE, Executive Director of OneTable

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Updated: Nov. 16, 2016