Values and Ideology of a Culture as Reflected in its Kindergarten Singing

Dec. 06, 2016

Source: International Educational Scientific Research Journal, v. 2, n. 12 


Singing is part of a nation's culture and reflects its values and ideology. Singing also constitutes a tool for instilling educational, social, and cultural messages. The purpose of this study is to compare the repertoire of songs sung nowadays in kindergartens in two geographical areas in Israel: the center of the country and the northern periphery. This is a comparative research. The population included kindergarten teachers, from both geographical areas. The research tools used were a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview.

Research findings show that there is a significant difference between the repertoire of songs selected by teachers working in kindergartens in the two different geographical areas. Significant differences were also found in the centrality of the various factors the kindergarten teachers consider as part of the purpose of singing. Kindergarten teachers in the northern periphery feel greater commitment to Ministry of Education‟s recommendations regarding songs in the kindergarten compared to kindergarten teachers in the center of the country.

If the Ministry of Education aims to lead to the creation of a core repertoire of commonly recommended songs for kindergartens in the country, it should formulate explicit guidelines for teachers and offer comprehensive training courses on this issue. Additionally, colleges of education should foster the awareness and judgment of teachers in making their musical choices, taking into consideration the existing tension between singing for imparting heritage and culture versus the natural need for renewal and change.

Updated: Jan. 04, 2017