Zomet Institute – Where Halacha and Technology Meet — Virtual Museum Tour


Source: JETS Israel 


What does it mean to have a Jewish state? For one thing, when living in a non-Jewish society, we often rely on non-Jewish neighbors to help us navigate difficult areas of Jewish practice, such as running hospitals on Shabbat. In a predominantly Jewish society in which many public services are run by the state, alternative solutions must be developed in order to foster Shabbat observance in the public arena. In this virtual tour of the Zomet Institute’s “Experiential Visitor Center”, students go behind the scenes to understand how the Zomet Institute’s Rabbis and Engineers solve techno-halachic problems by developing innovative and ingenious devices that enable Israeli society to maintain Shabbat observance in a modern context.

Zomet inventions have fostered a high standard of Shemirat Shabbat (Sabbath observance) on a national level while still maintaining essential services such as security (metal scanning devices, army functions), health services (hospital services for non-life threatening situations), and much more.

The unique and intriguing virtual tour of the Zomet Experiential Visitor Center will give your students:

  • A better understanding of some aspects of Hilchot Shabbat;
  • An insight into the distinctiveness of the State of Israel as a Jewish state, and some of the challenges that Jewish sovereignty presents;
  • An appreciation of technology and its ability to help solve halachic challenges in the modern world;
  • A fun and engaging educational experience!

Tours can be geared to 5th grade classes and up, including adult learners. JETS educators will work with your school or institution to adapt the session so that it meets the needs of your students.

See a trailer of the tour here.

For more information and registration see the tour web page.

Updated: Jan. 17, 2017