Join the New Mandel Teacher Educator Institute Cohort 8


Source: Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation


The Mandel Teacher Educator Institute (MTEI) is a program that strengthens the Jewish community by developing educational leaders – “teachers of teachers” – who are spearheading powerful and innovative professional development experiences for their institutions and communities. We believe that ongoing, substantive professional development for educational leaders and teachers is central to revitalizing Jewish education. MTEI’s intensive two-year program that consists of six, 4-day seminars with assignments in the field between meetings is a building block toward this goal.

Led by a group of distinguished faculty members, the Mandel Teacher Educator Institute is guided by a vision of best practices in contemporary education intertwined with a devotion to Jewish text study and “big ideas.” We critically examine the core assumptions, practices and ideas that shape our approaches to teaching and professional development. We model active learning strategies and work collaboratively to investigate pedagogic choices that are unique to Jewish educational settings.

Founded in 1995 by the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, the Mandel Teacher Educator Institute was launched to support Jewish educational leaders throughout the country. Close to three hundred educators from over 30 communities, including representatives of every denomination, have graduated from the program and are serving as change agents in the Jewish educational system. The Foundation generously provides funding for the personnel, instructional and administrative costs of the seminars. Participants (their institutions and communities) are expected to cover a portion their own expenses.

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Updated: Mar. 01, 2017