Teens Studying Technology Teach Holocaust Survivors to Surf the Internet

April 27, 2017

Source: JTA 


Nearly 700 Israeli teens studying in science and technology schools in Israel are teaching Holocaust survivors to use computers and the internet. The students meet weekly in pairs with survivors in 22 cities across Israel through a program called Mechubarim, which means connected.

Students have helped the survivors to search for family members lost during the Holocaust and research other aspects of their lives in Europe. Many of the students and survivors have typed the survivors’ stories into the computer as part of their work. The stories have been uploaded to the program’s website.

The program, which will start with new pairings this month, has nearly doubled since last year, which organizers attribute to the students learning more about the importance of honoring elderly Holocaust survivors. Many of the students continue to visit their survivor even after they graduate from high school and go on to the army and higher education.

The program was established by the Israel Sci-Tech Schools, a network of 206 science and technology educational institutions in Israel educating 100,000 students

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Updated: May. 18, 2017