Academic – Pedagogic Seminar for European Jewish Educators

July 16 – 24, 2017

Source: Herzog College 


The Herzog College in The Etzion Bloc invites Jewish teachers and school principals from all over Europe to participate in our summer seminar in Vienna on July 16-24, 2017. This seminar is the first step in implementing our broad vision creating an academic credited program for Diaspora teachers. The seminar is aimed at enriching the participants' toolbox in teaching Judaism and pedagogy. Academic credits will be awarded to seminar participants who complete course requirements. The seminar will be held at Maria – Theresia's Castle in English and French as well as in Ivrit subject to demand.

The academic program of the seminar includes 4 courses:

  • Innovative Approaches to Teaching Tanach: The Relevance of Tanach Today – Dr. Yael Ziegler
  • Patterns, Context and Perspective in Teaching Jewish History – Dr. David Jacobson
  • New models of Jewish Identity Today and Tomorrow – Dr. Dov Maimon
  • Text and Context: Methodologies of Teaching Oral Law – Myriam Koren

Evenings will be dedicated to open discussions and brainstorming on pedagogical challenges and solutions in today's increasingly complex classroom environment. The sessions will be led by pedagogy experts. Topics discussed will include using Jewish texts to impart values, managing non- homogenous small classes, the art of making Judaism relevant for Diaspora youth in today's environment, challenges in teaching Hebrew as a second language, and Israel studies For Diaspora youth. Several study sessions on Judaism and Israel will be offered on Shabbat.

The greatly subsidized cost of the seminar is 300 Euro per participant including tuition, full Kosher board and lodging.

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Updated: Jun. 05, 2017