Global Day of Jewish Learning 2017: Beauty & Ugliness

November 12, 2017

Source: Aleph Society


You can lead a Global Day of Jewish Learning event in your community by inviting people to study together on Sunday, November 12, 2017. Have you ever wondered how beauty and power are connected? What about the relationship between good and beauty? This November, ask these questions and more with this year's new curriculum, which explores the topic of Beauty & Ugliness through the lens of Jewish texts.

Here's a sampling of the units you'll find in our forthcoming curriculum, available later this summer:

  • Appreciating Beauty and Art
  • Beauty, Power, and Temptation
  • “The Mirrors of the Women”: Beauty, Desire and the Divine
  • Looking Beyond the Surface - for Middle School
  • Embracing a Beautiful World - for Elementary School

Host an event in your local community this November 12 and bring Jewish Learning to where you are! Register your event to put your community on the Global Jewish Map,  and be the first to access teaching/learning materials you can start using right away. Resources include guided learning sessions from our curriculum, video classes, marketing tools and community activity guides.
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Updated: Jul. 12, 2017