The Idea Institute’s (formerly the I.D.E.A. Schools Network) Fifth Annual Summer Sandbox

Aug 6– 8, 2018

Source: The Idea Institute


Join The Idea Institute (formerly the I.D.E.A. Schools Network) for our fifth annual Summer Sandbox (Aug 6– 8, 2018), an opportunity for K-12 Jewish and General Studies educators to explore creativity and innovation in a hands-on, interactive way. With workshops in project-based learning, Design Thinking, STEAM education, and more, the Sandbox gives you the knowledge and experience you need to reimagine your school and classroom. We're excited that Upstart, a Sandbox sponsor, will be joining us, to lead our Design Thinking sessions.

Note: In the past, we've had East and West Coast Sandboxes, but this year there'll be one Sandbox, on the East Coast at The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades, Tenafly, NJ.

To get a sense of what the Sandbox is like, check out this video from the 2016 East Coast Summer Sandbox.
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The Idea Institute -- formerly the I.D.E.A. Schools Network -- helps schools implement Project-Based Learning and Educational Innovation. For more information, visit The Idea School website

Updated: May. 16, 2018